Litabe Technologies is an energy security company that specializes in electricity theft prevention and cable theft prevention.

Celeste Daylight is an innovation technology company. We are a South African registered company located in Port Elizabeth since 2017. At the moment we are a incubate at Propella Business Incubators from where we are developing our wellness and skylights technology. Our 1st project is a wellness

Technovera is a social impact organisation that is focused on technology inclusion, with the aim of improving the last mile for chronic medication access in Africa. Technovera has been working with the Aurum Institute, City of Tshwane, City of eKurhuleni and the National Department of Health in

ennos has more than 12 years of experience in designing, developing and installing efficient solar-powered pumping systems. Since 2010, we have focused on producing our own solar-powered water pumps, which are specifically designed for irrigation and drinking water supply in off-grid areas. Making

Mabu produces mushroom casing soil and plant growing substrates with 100% natural sugarcane bagasse pith.

AgriViro is an innovative agricultural biotechnology company that operates at the critical juncture between agricultural and environmental sciences. AgriViro has established a valuable portfolio of microbial strains and formulation-associated intellectual property. The combination of proprietary

Hydrox Holdings is a micro research and development enterprise that is privately funded to develop unique Divergent-Electrode-Flow-Through (DEFT) technology with the goal to unlock inexpensive hydrogen production from renewable energy sources operating off a reliable simplistic principle. This is

Learn Base is an IoT based energy efficiency company providing real-time processed information to end-users about their entire electrical infrastructure.

Anathoth Solutions designs hands-free solutions for persons with disabilities, such as retractable backpacks and umbrella holders for wheelchairs.

Moonshine is a company that produces reflective paint for livestock owners, farmers and domestic pets owners. The paint is in the form of a spray designed to make animals visible at night, particularly on roads.

Loo Afrique is a manufacturer of improved sanitation solutions with an aim to save water, improve hygiene and flush using greywater. All the products that are manufactured, are locally designed in conjunction with the SABS Design Institute, and locally manufactured in South Africa-Tshwane. We

In Situ' is a Brazillian healthcare technology-based startup that uses 3D printing to produce a biodressing containing stem cells to treat chronic wounds and severe burns.