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About the Innovation Bridge Portal

The Innovation Bridge Portal (IBP) is an online platform that aims to create linkages and networks between regional, national and international innovators, industry and public and private technology developers, commercialisation funding partners, and other relevant innovation players. 


The Innovation Bridge Technology Showcase and Matchmaking Portal is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology.

What can the Innovation Bridge Portal do for me?

Provides access to a mechanism for South African and international innovation players to:

  • showcase their offerings, 
  • find and connect with each other,
  • supplement their marketing activities, and
  • keep abreast of developments.

How do I become part of the Innovation Bridge Portal?

Register as a user by following a few simple steps:

Are there any costs associated with using the Portal?

There are absolutely no costs associated with using the Innovation Bridge Portal, other than the time it takes you to upload your information and offerings. 
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