Katorus T Electricity Specialist CC is a technology company with innovative  Energy and Information Communication Technology departments. 

Energy Department includes;

  1. The innovation of electric vehicles self-charging Dynamo devices that are installed in EV wheel to allow the EV to self-charge

4IR Innovations delivers value through Industrial Automation solutions, tech-enabled innovative solutions and STEM education resources and programs. 

AdamVirgo Trading is a holding company that develops innovative new ideas and solutions mainly using technologies to build them into profitable subsidiaries to sell them off to potential investors and corporate businesses.

We are a tech-centered business working alongside partners to build a

We deal with clients that are always on the look out for better business opportunities and hence give a better return at the end of their respective financial years. We have been in the consultation arena for the past 10 years and have assisted a lot of clients to make profitable returns on

YetuPay Technologies is a Namibian-based FinTech start-up aimed to become Namibia's leading Payment Service Provider (PSP) and create opportunities for

Entrepreneurs and Small businesses (SMEs) get paid and be more successful by accepting card payments.

  • We want to establish untapped markets

Inclusivity Solutions is an Inclusive Insurtech and one of the globally recognised “Inclusive Fintech 50”. Leveraging the latest technology and Open APIs Inclusivity Solutions has launched digital insurance initiatives across 8 African countries and counting.

Partners include some of the biggest

Korri Fintech is a software development and IT consulting firm.

HardTech Medical (HTM) supports the medical device industry with product development from early stage prototyping to clinical studies. With substantial experience in Class II & III device development, HTM is a natural extension to your business. We have in house design, assembly and test

The startup company was founded to create battery packs or units for households and businesses to help reduce their reliance on Eskom. As we all know, Eskom is struggling to meet the nation's demand, which is where our batter units come in to pick up the slack during peak hours, reducing

API BIO develops innovative functional molecules with impactful applications in healthcare, bioremediation and agriculture.

Our molecules are derived from high-burden land-fill waste as well as other sources of organic waste from various food and manufacturing industries. Our innovations align

We are a fearless group of nerds that love taking on challenges! With collaboration at our core, we are ready to work with you to handcraft winning mobile and web solutions. We excel at listening and then acting on your needs, to deliver a successful mobile app, logo design, web design & development

With a focus on water reclamation and desalination technology for application in complex industrial and wastewater systems, Nafasi Water began a journey in 2003 to develop, implement and operate world-class industrial desalination projects.

As a 100% black-owned South African leading water