Stratos Medical, an Irish start-up is developing a novel vascular access device - the TrackSave device - for use in haemodialysis. Specifically, the device is aimed at:- 

- Reduced puncture damage to AV Fistulas:  Extend AVF patency and reduce vascular access complications and associated costs &

We bring over 15 years of expertise in Project Cost Control, Administration, Debt Collection, Invoicing, Project Team Coordination, Training, and General Bookkeeping and Payroll Administration.

We are versatile Project Administrators, Coordinators, and Cost Control Specialists. Our achievements

WeSit is an on-demand babysitting service that quickly connects with trusted, vetted babysitters near them. 

We provide rental services for various event needs such as furniture, decorations including chairs, tables, plates, and tents, as well as catering.

Additionally, we operate a laundry service and offer cleaning solutions.

Incorporating a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, our startup specializes in two distinct yet complementary areas: printing and candle making.

Yivani (PTY) Ltd was founded in 2011 with the purpose of crafting skincare items made entirely from natural ingredients, sourced from South African indigenous oils and herbs. Our product line spans across hair care, facial treatments, body care, foot care, bath essentials, and spa offerings.

PyraLink Aerospace is a South African private rocket company that manufactures rocket engines, spacecraft components, and provides Launch Services for National Security satellites, Offering access to Orbit from South Africa. The company was founded in 2022 by Thato Lawrence Matjila, a South African

Themba Thukwane Turnkey Vision, (3T Vision), as the name suggests, 3T vision came about through the amalgamation of services, to being a diversified construction, infrastructure development, and manufacturing company. The company was conceived in 2018 and was founded on the truth that the primary

Diving into two distinct yet complementary fields, our startup delves into both construction and sewing services.

Matat-Gather Agricultural Services plans to purchase sheep and goat fleece from nearby communities or local farmers, which will then be cleaned and spun to produce wool or mohair. We've been providing shearing services to assist farmers with their sheep. The resulting wool or mohair will be marketed

Wotatrix System is a cutting-edge financial management solution that caters to the diverse needs of merchants across various industries. With a team of dedicated experts in finance and technology, we have crafted a robust platform that goes beyond traditional transaction processing. We understand

Our core business is providing businesses with a platform to create an image that will enable them to start, run their enterprises. We design all aspects of a business image, including amongst others; Business Logo, Business Letter-heads, Business Cards, pamphlets and many more