Overview of Business

Smartfill is a socially conscious smart retail solution for the modern retail environment; a sleek IoT dispenser that revolutionises retail.

The Smartfill IoT dispenser reduces the need for single use plastic packaging delivering a variety of food and cleaning products, streamlining the logistics process, and providing increased margins for retail store owners. All while reducing the impact of single use plastics on the environment.

A digital interface and built-in sensors allow customers to choose the exact amount of produce they would like dispensed by value or by weight. Seeing that there is no requirement for individual packing and varying product sizes, produce is dispensed at a price typically afforded to bulk purchases.

The innovative dispenser enables stores to track stock levels in real-time and retailers to view hundreds of dispensers across locations from one administration panel. The dispensers integrate with a management system that provides real time reporting, systems diagnostics, and configuration control. The replaceable ‘hopper’ meets all health and safety standards, as well as retail operations requirements.

Stage of Business
Industries Served
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
Country / HQ
South Africa
Required areas of assistance
Marketing and Sales
Mentoring and Coaching
Networking and Associations
Funding required
Venture Capital