With a focus on water reclamation and desalination technology for application in complex industrial and wastewater systems, Nafasi Water began a journey in 2003 to develop, implement and operate world-class industrial desalination projects.

As a 100% black-owned South African leading water

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iMbobo is a smart 4IR road safety non-profit initiative with a very simple mandate which is: to ensure that roadways are even and clear surfaces free of potholes.

iMbobo's vision is primarily to allow a smooth and seamless transition into the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) self-driving car

Autumn Green focuses on creating electronic devices. The company creates, manufactures, and assembles electronic circuits for IoT applications. We create solutions for the energy industry, mining, agriculture, and home automation.

We are a start-up software development company that creates innovative solutions to training with our Augmented reality and virtual reality products and service.

Alpha and Omega MedTech is South Africa's Medical Device & Pharmaceutical Holding company that focuses on acquiring manufacturing and distribution companies of medical devices, therapeutics and IVD diagnostics, recognised as the World’s First China-Africa Healthcare Innovation Platform, with a model

Smartfill is a socially conscious smart retail solution for the modern retail environment; a sleek IoT dispenser that revolutionises retail.

The Smartfill IoT dispenser reduces the need for single use plastic packaging delivering a variety of food and cleaning products, streamlining the logistics

GreenFingers Mobile is a digital smallholder farmer management platform that connects smallholder farmers to market and finance. The platform brings real-time data and transparency to all engagements with smallholder farmers and enables organisations to track the change of livelihood of the farmers.

Sentian Aerospace (Pty) Ltd is an award-winning, fully fledged drone manufacturing company.The company`s BBBEE status is level 2 with 51% Black ownership.

In 2014 the team embarked on a project to design and build a fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with Vertical Take-Off and Landing

Our Vision

Is to connect the world to the deaf using our accessible communication solutions to enable organizations better communicate with the deaf and blind and empower platforms to accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our Mission:

Through the use of technology, we strive to create

Biotikum (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African spinout company of the University of Stellenbosch which was founded in 2020.  Biotikum develops and produces microbial additives for the agricultural industry, including host-specific animal probiotics, microbial silage inoculants, and soil inoculants. 

Tsogolo Technologies is an MTN App of the Year Category Winner (Best Incubated Solution 2020), an agile and innovative digital startup housing a number of creatives obsessed with innovating for maximum value creation for business and society.

Our flagship innovations TECHNISHEN™ and IMBIZO.CO has