When it comes to the circular economy in South Africa, there is no shortage of remarkable ideas or people. What is needed is the capability to develop ways so that local innovations that support conversion technology – which converts a waste matter to something useful - can be used to live sustainably and compete globally. At the Department of Science and Innovation, that’s what we do. We partner with some of the most innovative minds and companies to make the circular economy viable and supportable.

We provide access to Bio manufacturing facilities and research solutions for zero waste product development. We enable innovation that turns plastic waste into energy. We support businesses that work in Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) to remove heavy metals from mine water, preventing seepage into the food and water chains in local communities. Finally, we empower advancements that reduce emissions by converting captured carbon dioxide into fertiliser.

We’re working to create a better world by enabling businesses.

Take your business to the next level by accessing local innovations that protect our planet and the communities that live on it.

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