Loo Afrique is a manufacturer of improved sanitation solutions with an aim to save water, improve hygiene and flush using greywater. All the products that are manufactured, are locally designed in conjunction with the SABS Design Institute, and locally manufactured in South Africa-Tshwane. We

In Situ' is a Brazillian healthcare technology-based startup that uses 3D printing to produce a biodressing containing stem cells to treat chronic wounds and severe burns.

Tofaa (Swahili word for Apple) is a technology design company that was established in 2018. Tofaa's focus is to build and roll-out technologies meant to boost food production in an energy-efficient manner while promoting self-sustainability.

ONKOS is Latin America´s leading startup company provider of proprietary gene expression-based diagnostic tests that is focused on providing answers to diagnostic uncertainties in Oncology by avoiding unnecessary procedures. We guide informed clinical decisions to enable not only the best patient

Mintek is South Africa’s national mineral research organisation and is one of the world’s leading technology organisations specialising in mineral processing, extractive metallurgy and related areas. Mintek works closely with industry and other R&D institutions and provides service testwork, process

Monichron helps 5 million South Africans breathe easier by monitoring their breathing in real time providing them with the security that if they have a problem someone will be alerted on time with accurate health data. We assist 500 thousand epileptic patients to sleep easier knowing their epileptic

INNO R SOLUTIONS t/a Spinetector was established informally in 2012 under the name NRM Millenials and then in 2015, the company changed its name to INNO R SOLUTIONS (Pty) Ltd trading under the Spinetector patent name. The company is a 100% black youth-owned private company legally registered with

The Nambu Group is a producer of insect proteins that offers premium ingredients for fish, pigs, and poultry feed. Creating feed from food waste would close the food production cycle.

Our facility is currently scaling up to process up to 100 tons of food and organic waste per month producing about

An innovative business, PRD Logical Solutions, focuses on identifying market gaps that are essential to daily life. It identifies a problem and addresses it with creative solutions that are affordable, accessible, and available to every economic class, giving everyone an equal opportunity to handle

PrepaidWealth.com is a FinTech platform that provides 80% of the margins made by retailers, on data bundles and airtime, back to the consumer as discounts or as accumulated cash. The platform also provides a way for a group of people to accumulate the margins together, while they are spending their

Founded in 2016 and based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Solzen Energy is an energy company and a start-up specializing in R&D, design, and manufacturing of disruptive energy storage technologies for application in renewable energy, automotive (electric vehicles), grid storage (on and off the grid)

We are a South African medical technology business that has developed Bluetooth sensor technology for measuring movement and Range of Motion (ROM) for implementation in the Allied Health Sciences (Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Biokinetics / Biomechanics, Sports Science, and Chiropractor). We are The