About the Innovation Bridge Portal

The Innovation Bridge Portal is a ground-breaking digital platform designed to reveal and connect the creativity and innovation; endless opportunities; intellectual and human capital and heightened activity that exists within the African ecosystem.

We recognize that each stakeholder embarks on a unique journey in terms of trajectory and direction. By forming a supportive community comprising stakeholders which include entrepreneurs, ecosystem participants and relevant government agencies/dept, this platform is creating an enabling structure that allows passage in a desirable direction to a desirable destination.





Ecosystem Support


The portal is therefore designed to serve as a roadmap uniquely customised to the specific needs of its ecosystem users. Users are guided and supported towards their next best step forward in their unique trajectories.

  • Innovators will connect with a wider ecosystem by accessing a comprehensive pool of end users and potential commercialization partners, access corporate open innovation challenges and even opt in to guide an entrepreneur.
  • Entrepreneurs will save time and accelerate their journey through accessing quality, relevant information at the exact moment they need it. No more internet searches to try and find funding or support. We also plan to integrate with other ecosystem stakeholder systems to become that ultimate single point of entry platform that eases the burden of application for support and funding.
  • Investors will engage with a comprehensive pipeline of vetted prospects relevant to their areas of interest and create a channel for fund applications.
  • Ecosystem support providers will collaborate more effectively with stakeholders in need of their support and make their services known to the greater ecosystem.

The Innovation Bridge Portal is a South African Government initiative led by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD). The initiative is co-funded by the European Union (EU) through the Ecosystems Development for Small Enterprises Programme (ESDE) and supported by the World Bank Group.