AzarGen is a biotechnology company developing therapies for cancer and respiratory disease. The company has developed and use technologies for advanced genetic engineering and synthetic biology applications in plants. The company is positioned to facilitate further development and commercialization

Sol Plaatje University (SPU) opened in 2014, the first of two new universities to be established in post-apartheid South Africa. It is also the first university to be established in the Northern Cape Province.

Positioning itself as a niche university, SPU offers academic programmes of a high

The company consists of directors in the field of engineering science, currently focusing on renewable and alternative energy sources amongst other technology innovative ideas. We are a research and development company that seeks to commercialize as many as possible creations within our laboratory

Akili Labs is an award-winning biotechnology company specialising in molecular diagnostic systems development, founded by Charles Faul and Lucas Lotter in 2017, with Dr Farhan Pervaiz joining as a co-founder in 2018.

Based in South Africa with international affiliates, Akili Labs was established

Avril Biopharma, Inc. uses the latest biotechnologies to design, test and manufacture medicines on demand. We address the need for rapid development and production of vaccines, therapeutic and diagnostic products at affordable cost. Our opportunities are in two arenas –Global Health and Personalized

Delft Imaging is a social enterprise and envisions a world in which everyone can benefit from the modern world advances in the field of healthcare. It is this belief that drives our mission to develop and deliver unique health innovations, particularly affordable, innovative diagnostic imaging

PeCo Power researches, designs and manufactures a line of renewable energy electrification technology. Our technology is developed in Africa for Africa as an alternative to utility grid electrification. We seek to provide an affordable, robust, safe and user-friendly electrification solution to

Smartagriot is an agriculture data and analytics business based in Durban. Our platform helps clients to analyze, interpret, and gain real-time insight into projects spanning over large geographies while enabling businesses to drive digitization as the core of their business strategy. Our cutting

Innovation Highway is a development initiative by the Technology Transfer and Innovation Support Office of the North-West University (NWU), to volunteer the commercialization skills of its team members in order to help establish start-up companies for entrepreneurs outside of academia. It is housed

Amrue leverages technological innovation to reduce the environmental harm on the only planet we all call home. Our goal is to eliminate the use of paper receipts.

National University of Lesotho is a growing institution striving to meet the needs of the nation, by producing competent and skilled graduates who can easily take up the call to assist in the development of Lesotho. The 80-hectare University site is situated at Roma (pop. 8,000) some 34 kilometers

SWOXID developed a gravitational solar-thermal water purifier, which filters and sterilizes contaminated water with sunlight. It does not require electricity, nor dosage of chemical agents to provide the sterilization effect. The technology is based on an innovative nanoporous aerogel composite