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Deep tech, also known as hard technology, is defined as being a start-up that has the goal of providing technological solutions to scientific and/or engineering obstacles and problems. In the long term, deep tech start-ups tend to aim toward being a corporation themselves; however, in order to
Open innovation refers to the business model that encourages collaboration and cooperation with individuals outside of a company, as well as other companies and organisations. This concept has become increasingly popular, as the results of this approach have been more effective than those achieved
The purpose of the article is to describe, explain and provide more detail on Technology Readiness Levels. The information is provided by The University of Cape Town (UCT).
The African Regional Science Technology and Innovation Forum issued a call for innovations ahead of its regional forum held in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe from 24 -27 February 2020. The Forum is co-organized with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in