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Using indigenous knowledge for health and wellness innovation in South Africa Indigenous knowledge systems are the knowledge, practices and ways of thinking that local communities have developed over generations of living in a particular environment. The Department of Science and Innovation
Zero Waste: A Key Tool Against Climate Change As the immense threat of climate change looms, urgent and widescale action is needed to mitigate its devastating environmental impacts. Implementing zero waste principles by reducing consumption, reusing products and recycling materials is a potent
Why manufacturing a key vaccine in South Africa is so important Vaccines have changed our world - significantly curbing the effects of many human infectious diseases worldwide, drastically reducing child mortality rates and eradicating major pathogens, such as smallpox. Despite this, universal
Nuclear Medicine, the Future of Health Innovation The history of nuclear medicine in South Africa reflects the strong link between government investments in science and technology and advances in healthcare. As a result of these investments, new nuclear medicine procedures have been developed that