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Goal 7: Affordable & clean energy
Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Ensuring access to affordable, reliable and modern energy for all has come one step closer due to recent progress in electrification, particularly in LDCs, and improvements in industrial energy efficiency. However, national priorities and policy ambitions still need to be strengthened to put the world on track to meet the energy targets for 2030


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North-West University

This technology involves a method for generating hydrogen in an electrolysis cell. A proton exchange membrane (PEM) is used to separate anode and cathode chambers of the cell. The space between the...

North-West University

This process is used for generating hydrogen by providing a hydrogen chemical carrier in the presence of an active catalyst in a reactor vessel and elevating the temperature inside the reactor by...

North-West University

The North-West University (NWU) has developed and patented a method for producing hydrogen via hydrolysis, using an activated aluminium compound. 

Technology Benefits:

  • Aluminum also can be...
University of South Africa

A smart microprocessor and sensor-based controller that allows users to optimize energy efficiency in households. The smart microprocessor enables selective management of energy in the household...

North-West University

This technology utilises a microchannel reactor for the decomposition of ammonia, comprising two chambers: one for exothermic combustion of ammonia to generate heat. A second chamber of the reactor...

University of South Africa

This technology relates to a novel process for a One-step Mass- Production of various nanofluids in a modified version of laser ablation in open atmosphere. According to a first aspect of the...

University of South Africa

The invention provides a silicon pn-based device with different dopant and impurity implanted concentrations stra­tegically placed in the device, the pn junction being reverse biased, such that the...