The North-West University (NWU) has developed and patented a method for producing hydrogen via hydrolysis, using an activated aluminium compound. Technology Benefits: Aluminum also can be recycled after the hydrogen production process. Hydrogen can be produced under high pressure. By-products are
This technology utilises a microchannel reactor for the decomposition of ammonia, comprising two chambers: one for exothermic combustion of ammonia to generate heat. A second chamber of the reactor with a second catalyst receives a second stream of ammonia to provide endothermic decomposition of the
Postharvest table grapes are susceptible to fungal infection even when stored at the optimal temperature of −0.5°C. The most important pathogen of stored Table Grapes is grey mould, which is caused by Botrytis cinerea. Some countries fumigate their grapes with sulphur dioxide gas. However, if the
The Bambara Groundnut, or round bean, is widespread in Africa where it is known by various names. It has potential as a cash crop, owing to its nutritional composition, functional properties and antioxidant potential. Consequently, we at CPUT have used the Bambara Groundnut as a raw material to
The skin represents the first physical barrier to protect our bodies from harmful toxins, pathogens and dangerous environmental factors and plays an important role in social and visual experiences. South Africans have used traditional herbal medicinal products to increase immunity in
Fly ash, is a waste by-product from the coal-fired electricity generating stations. Power stations need to dispose of the fly ash in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, making the need to utilize fly ash important. The production of zeolites is one way to beneficiate the fly ash waste where

The invention relates to an automated process for fabricating nano and micro structures using high temperature superconducting quantum interference device (SQUIDS). This method overcomes the high cost and complexity in the manufacturing process of superconductors for a commercial scale or mass

The invention relates to a method of fabricating a commercially viable biodegradable and transparent resistive random-access memory (ReRAM) chip with substantially high (>7 orders of magnitude) resistive switching behaviour using low operating power. The method makes use of a simple and affordable

The technology relates to an improved method for reclaiming waste beer from a brewing process. The process ensures the sterilization and re-use of beer that would otherwise be lost in the brewing process due to contamination. The method focuses on recovering beer lost in the fermentation stage

Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is an aquatic weed which has one of the highest growth rates of all plants in the world. This fast-growing plant causes numerous problems in water bodies. These problems are related to navigation, recreation, irrigation and hydropower generation. The complete

Green Clean Surfaces for Safe Food Preparation Nutridx® is a disinfectant enhanced by the addition of a natural anti-microbial compound. It has been specifically formulated to disinfect and sterilise of food and food processing equipment as well as internal and external hard surfaces. It has been

Indusdx® is a biodegradable disinfectant which has been enhanced by the addition of a natural anti-microbial compound. This environmentally friendly industrial disinfectant and biocide has been specifically formulated for use by manufacturers. It can be added to cleaning products, paint and other