We recycle food waste to produce nutrients and animal feed. 

Blaq-sneaks-exclusive is an online drop shipping store. We are an apparel company that specializes in sneakers/takkies. The store also sells women's and men's apparel, accessories, and jewelry. The online store has proven to be legitimate and trustworthy. Tshepo Morries, a high school graduate, owns

We write and publish crop production manuals. We also provide consultation in the crop production field. 

We are a Shisanyama pub and grill. We are located outside a train station in a low-income neighborhood and have been in business for ten years.


AgriLogisTech is B2B2C Namibian startup connecting farmers in Southern Africa to all industry needs such as logistics vehicles, storage facilities, training workshops, value addition hotspots, and industry news via smartphone and web applications. We definitively ensure that farmer operations and

Khanyasive Investments  trading as Agrolife Nursery produces high quality vegetable seedlings for both commercial and small-scale farmers in Eswatini. The business is located in Malkerns and was established in 2021 after realising that there is insufficient supply of vegetable seedlings in Eswatini

Stay Klean Services is a business founded in Johannesburg's Ekurhuleni district, with a branch in Cape Town set to debut in July 2022. We have been providing cleaning services and products to clients since our inception in 2018. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that cleaning services

Entrepreneurship is a hard, difficult, challenging and lonely journey. Entrepreneurs go through a lot and they face a lot of challenges and pain points both personally and in their businesses, the sad part is that they have no one to talk to / no one really understand their challenges unless you are

NanoTek is BBBEE Level 1 youth owned ICT Solutions business which offers the below:

- Software Development

- Accredited Technology Training

- Cyber Security

- Communication Networking

TTM Telecomms is a telecommunications firm that provides artificial intelligence solutions through highly developed algorithm patterns and smart picture screening software.

Blockchain technology, software development, IT cloud technology, aerospace, artificial intelligence, robotics and machine

Aqua-Amanzi serves as a hub of professional competence in water activities, roads & stormwater activities, and project management excellence. It encompasses "planning and design" as well as "operations and maintenance" in the transportation & water industry. Our main goal is to constantly help any

We are a brand and business consulting company, that prides itself in helping our clients achieve their business goals by providing expert advice in our fields of proficiency. We offer professional advice, guidance and actionable solutions to both businesses and individual persons experiencing