Meraka Biotech and Chems is a laboratory consumables manufacturer whose primary products are ethanol and methanol. The company intends to bridge the gap in laboratory consumables production in Lesotho.

The company's target market includes mini-labs, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, academic

The Royal Growery is a multipurpose company that primarily focuses on agricultural innovation. Cannabis and vertical farming are two of its main areas of focus. The company has established a broad network in the agricultural community both within and outside of South Africa. As a new company, the

We strive to be a leading agritech company, which is accepted as a dynamic, responsible, professionally managed profit-oriented corporation. We envision a world where all individuals discover their power to make a difference and are equipped as active, engaged citizens.
Statement of Strategic Intent

Jillian Nyakane Development Agency t/a Jillie’s Natural is a 100% female and black-owned private company. We manufacture and sell natural, plant-based body and hair care products in South Africa. We are a wholesome and holistic wellness business, focusing on skincare, haircare and beauty treatments

Rizepreneur: Empowering Small Businesses in the Digital Age

Who We Are: At Rizepreneur, we are passionate about empowering small businesses to thrive in the digital age. We understand that the modern business landscape is rapidly evolving, and a strong online presence is essential for success.


MELS ORGANICS is a health & spiritual wellness platform that is focusing on producing products that can uproot causes of skin care problems and balances inner healing for Africans. 

We are on a journey to digitally transform the township economy in Durban, rest of South Africa and rest of Africa. Our application is eWallet, Visa & Master Cards, QR Code-based payments and a peer-to-peer money transfer platform with a built-in e-commerce market that brings together consumers and

Our main focus is construction and manufacturing. We are currently working on base isolators made from radial tyres, supplying them to countries in Africa that are affected by earthquakes. We are working on innovative ways to make tiles and paves including roads last longer. 

The company's operations involve producing bath salts and other cosmetics.

Black Ethiopia Trading Enterprise is a startup that produces goods including hairfood, tonics, and medical plants that are infused with hemp and cannabis.

We are in the business of farming herbs for culinary, essential oils & cosmetic purposes.

We are a startup construction company based in the Free State.