AUC Angels is the first alumni-based network in the Middle East that (1) builds educational products for developing angel investors; (2) leads angel investments; (3) has a startups'​ investment-readiness program; and (4) builds an angel investor network across the Middle East. It aims to support and

As a crucial part of its expansion plan, AAIC Investment, a renowned consulting organization, has introduced the African Healthcare and Africa Innovation & Healthcare Fund. Through enabling mergers and acquisitions, the fund seeks to encourage corporate growth in developing nations and novel

Aruwa Capital Management is a Lagos-based, female-founded and led, growth equity, impact investment company. 

Aruwa Capital Management invests in companies that have strong management teams and meet the following criteria:

  • Provides essential goods and services that cater to women.
  • Founded or co

Antler invests from the earliest stage whether a startup looking for funding or an individual looking for co-founders and pre-launch capital to launch a startup. Antler partners with exceptional founders across six continents to launch and scale startups that address meaningful opportunities and

AgDevCo is an expert investor in agribusinesses in Africa that makes investments to expand meaningful and sustainable agribusiness. AgDevCo is a long-term partner for development and impact, offering more than simply financing.

AfricInvest is an investment and financial services company. The company has dedicated investment teams focused on North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Adaverse is a venture capital firm and accelerator that unites business owners, strategists, and advisors to establish a strong base throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Through a joint effort between EMURGO and Everest Ventures Group, blockchain entrepreneurs may access capital, mentorship

Acumen Capital Partners is an impact investor that has spent the last nearly 20 years leveraging philanthropy as patient, high-risk capital to support social enterprises creating solutions to the problems of poverty. 

ACION is a worldwide organization, that seeks to promote a fair economy by delivering responsible digital financial solutions for marginalized communities, allowing them to better their lives via informed decision-making and financial service reform.

Acasia Ventures is a venture capital investor that works closely with founders by providing venture capital, unique insights, opportunities to expand to new markets and access to global investors and connections. 

500 Global is a venture capital firm that supports entrepreneurs creating rapidly expanding digital firms. It currently manages $2.4 billion in assets. We concentrate on industries where money, creativity, and technology can create long-term value and stimulate economic expansion.

4DX Ventures is a pan-African venture capital business that connects people, ideas, and funds to build an exciting global community and an African continent. They work with business owners who are starting technological enterprises, looking for persistence and growth mindsets in their founders. 4DX