ViKtoria Business Angels Network (VBAN) syndicates local and international investor capital into seed stage investments in tech startups in East Africa.

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We support outstanding African founders who are closing significant gaps between reality and ideals.

Untapped Global plays a catalytic role in financing tech-enabled companies in emerging markets.

Proparco provides funding and support to both businesses and financial institutions in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle-East. Its action focuses on the key development sectors: infrastructure, mainly for renewable energies, agribusiness, financial institutions, health and education. Its operations aim to strengthen the contribution of private players to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the international community in 2015.

Nairobi Business Angel Network has a collective of experts, tech lovers, and entrepreneurs that back and invest in ventures that leverage technology.

Mobility 54 Investment SAS is committed to solving social challenges in Africa with innovative mobility technologies and services. Mobility 54 Investment SAS was founded in October 2019 under a group joint venture between Toyota Tsusho Corporation and CFAO. We make early and transformational investments in companies that have innovative mobility technologies and services that have the potential to solve the social challenges in Africa. We are dedicated to supporting our innovative partners with our vast and on-the-ground network of automotive operations in Africa under Toyota Tsusho and CFAO

LoftyInc Capital Management is backing early stage Afropreneurs building tech-enabled solutions for the "everyday economy"

Lightrock is an impact investor that seeks to achieve financial as well as societal and environmental returns by investing in businesses that contribute positively to humankind and the planet.

The Global Innovation Fund is a non-profit, impact-first investment fund that improves lives by funding social innovations. The Fund supports innovators at all stages of their life cycle, from start-up and pilot testing through to larger scale implementation. The innovations we fund can be located in any developing country and can focus on any sector relevant to international development, provided they improve the lives of those living on less than $5 a day.

The FMO Ventures Program focuses on early-stage, tech-enabled direct investments alongside a lead investor and indirect investments with a more generalist focus on funds. The FMO Ventures Program is a EUR 200 million investment program supported by contributions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and a guarantee from the European Union with a 4-year investment period.