We hire trucks and tractors that are struggling to get contract deals with big companies and subcontract them to various sectors that require the use of a truck or tractor.

La 'Luna is an agricultural company that supplies day-old chicks to local farmers. We have three breeds: Broilers, indigenous and layers. We supply vaccines as well. 

Jonathan Investments (pty) Ltd. Trading As Jonathan Cyber, Is a startup currently in its development phase. The services offered are cyber security services of all kinds ranging from Cyber security awareness training, cyber security advisory, security assessments, security controls and cyber

We are a beverage manufacturing company, that focuses on manufacturing two types of beverages.

  1. Flavoured Kombucha.
  2. Ice teas

The company is growing vegetables for the local markets mainly conventional ones. We look forward to venturing into high-value crops like yellow and red pepper through the technology of hydroponics in tunnels or greenhouses. Currently operating in rural areas and provide employment for 4 young

Pasafa Investment specialises in septic pumping, installations of septic tanks, fumigation, plumbing services and small scale treatment plants for grey waste.

Greenhill Estates is an agribusiness that specializes in Avocado and sweet potato production for the export market. It is owned 100% by young people, who study Agriculture in different fields from horticulture, biosystems and agricultural economics.
It aims to employ the people of Eswatini in its

Yethu Media is a Creative Tech, Multimedia and Advertising agency based in Manzini, Eswatini formerly known as Swaziland that focus on Online Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development and Mobile App Development.

We are into the Cosmetic & Beauty industry but we have find a niche in the manufacturing of fantastic 100% Organic skin care product. Our core ingredients are the African, ancient cold- pressed essential oils like coconut & castor with the infusion of herbs; Aloe & thyme extracts.

Our products

Gehring Engineering was established in 1994 and has transformed into a fully-fledged general engineering turnkey company with extensive experience in numerous aspects of the production industry eg. automotive, confectionary and consumer packaging just to name a few.

Gehring’s strength lies in its

Tulela and Tully (TandT) consultation firm that provides consultation services to small-medium-sized companies, and also to individuals. Our services include office management and business consultation services, and business registrations. TandT provides both corporate errands services and also

Colloseum Gray was established with the prime purpose of creating opportunity, empowerment and equality, for women, youth and people living in rural communities. We are focusing on creating tourism and hospitality experiences that focus on your Body, Soul & Mind through experiencing Namibia's