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Applications are open for the World Health Innovation Forum Fellowship. 

This prestigious program serves as a catalyst for global health innovation, offering a unique opportunity to collaborate with experts from diverse backgrounds and address pressing healthcare challenges. 

The fellowship, hosted at the Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone, spans six months and provides access to state-of-the-art facilities and mentorship to drive impactful innovation in global health. The enrolment fee of $2000 covers accommodation, meals, field excursions, course materials, and access to cutting-edge laboratories at AMTZ. 

Fellows will commence their projects on July 1st, with the culmination being the presentation of solutions at the WHIF event in December. This is a chance to not only develop ground-breaking solutions but also to implement them in your respective countries, contributing to tangible improvements in healthcare. 

Application criteria

  • Robustness of the problem statement
  • Commitment to be present at AMTZ for 6 months
  • Cross-cutting nature of the problem so that it can be scaled globally
  • Letter of recognition of the problem from a Government authority
  • Problem covering public health, health systems or health care delivery
  • Solvable by application of innovative solutions and technologies
  • Up to 3 candidates from each Country
  • Course fee $2000 including Accommodation, food, field trip, course material

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