Overview of Business

Wastedump is a web and mobile-based application that provides an ehailng facility for reclaiming separated recyclable waste.

Individuals and entities that produce waste (Waste Generators) can now send a request for the collection of their separated recyclable waste through the application, whence a reclaimer will respond for collection. The quantities are agreed between the waste generator and reclaimer at collection. The Waste Generator is paid for the waste collected from them free of charge.

Waste dealers and recyclers now have a platform in which they place orders for bulk recyclable waste requirements.

The Wastedump system enables reclaimers to collect a wider range of waste and substantially more. For instance, waste reclaimers can now collect Paper, Cardboard, Newsprint and Magazines, Glass, Glass Bottles, Plastics (All 7 Categories, including Shopping Plastic Bags), Metals, Cartons, E-Waste, Textiles, Cooking Oil, Food Waste, Bones, Garden Waste, Waste Oil, Oil Filters, Cylinders, Tryes, Batteries, Construction and Demolition Waste and etc.

Wastedump aims to increase the rate of recycled material from the current 10% to above 20% of total waste. More waste collected for recycling means;

  • Less waste goes to landfill
  • Decreased illegal dumping and littering
  • An expansion of the waste management sector
  • A burgeoning ecosystem that creates business and employment opportunities
  • Improved work circumstances for all involved in the sector
  • etc

Who are the stakeholders on wastedump?

  • Waste Generators– includes every person or entity that produces waste
  • Waste sorters – these are people or organizations that engage in the sorting of already mixed and contaminated waste
  • Region Sponsors – are people or organizations that purchase revenue rights to regions (denominated by wards)
  • Waster reclaimers/collectors – are people or organization that engage in the collection of waste from waste generators
  • Waste collection hubs – these are waste assembly points where waste reclaimers deposit waste collected in a day
  • Waste dealers/merchants – these are persons or organisations that purchase waste from reclaimers and sell it forward to recyclers
  • Water recyclers – are persons or organization that engage in the recycling of waste

How Does Wastedump Work (In Simple Terms)?

  • A waste recycler or dealer submits an order for waste they require, by class and volume or quantity
  • A region sponsor pays a deposit for a ward and receives a 5% share of the revenues received from resale of all recyclable waste collected and resold from that ward.
  • A region sponsor pays a 2.5% subscription on the income they make from waste sales in their regions/wards.
  • The waste generator who is registered on the app sends out a request for qualifying waste to be collected from their premises as often as they have waste to dispose and at a conveniently selected time of collection
  • A waste reclaimer/collector responds to the request
  • The waste is weighed or counted on collection, in agreement with the waste generator
  • Collected waste is deposited at the waste hub or directly to the recycler or dealer
  • Waste volumes are recorded at every turn of changing hands
  • Waste Income is shared as follows
    • Waste Generator – 40%
    • Waste Reclaimer – 40%
    • Waste Sorter (where required) – 5%
    • Wastedump (Pty) Ltd – 10 to 15%
    • Region Sponsors – 5%
Stage of Business
Industries Served
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
Natural Resources
​Information and communication
Country / HQ
South Africa
Funding required