Overview of Business

Ulaspag is a software development company that has been in business for over ten years, producing both in-house and customer products. We specialize in designing one-of-a-kind mobile client-server applications for both small and large businesses. On Google Play, we are now testing a mobile tracking app (Track Gate). Track Gate can be used by businesses to track a range of things, such as staff attendance, student class enrollment marking, and a variety of other things dependent on user needs.

We are really enthusiastic and are continually striving to meet market demands. To increase the usability of our products, we are currently implementing Artificial Intelligence.

Stage of Business
Industries Served
​Information and communication
Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
software development
Cloud Computing
Big Data
Information service activities
Country / HQ
South Africa
Required areas of assistance
Mentoring and Coaching
Networking and Associations
Funding required
Venture Capital