Overview of Business

Torphil Trading CC has developed into a diversified company that offers concessions, procurement, logistics, maintenance, and road building. In addition to creating public sculptures, this is done with the help of a resource-engaged, established, and expanding worldwide clientele. The positioning statement of the corporation captures its business strategy ( working in support of the optimal modern business environment). It depends on the need for services like cleaning, security, and plumbing. The business has a defined plan for creating a distinctive value proposition for customers by utilizing its collective expertise & market understanding.


Maintenance: This department works in Namibia's principal cities. Automobile safety inspections, check-ups, and repair services for many forms of infrastructure are included in the maintenance offers. This division is designed to negotiate contracts for domestic and international construction machinery.

Logistics: It offers comprehensive logistical support, ranging from purchasing to disassembly, packaging, shipping, transportation, warehousing, and delivery. We are able to send any goods to any location on earth and offer the best solutions to our customers' logistical concerns. The three domains listed below will be supported by the supply chain: (1) Distribution- (a) Commercial (b) Import & Export Agency Service (c) comprehensive outsourcing services for distribution and logistics.
(2) Third-party logistics (a) and just-in-time (jit) logistics (supply) (c) creation of a logistics system, including import/export administration, order placement and receipt, inventory management, and distribution processing, (d)relocation of equipment & machinery. (3) Packing- (a) mass-produced items packing ( products and parts); Knockdown packing, service parts packing, finished goods packing. (b) packing of equipment & machinery: Plants, precision machinery, die assemblies, etc. (c) purpose-specific packing: Heavy cargo, bulky cargo, long cargo, artifacts, etc. (4) Development & sales of packing materials: Direct import of wood material ppl, plywood, special paperboards. 

Stage of Business
Industries Served
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Security Technologies
Plant and Health Nutrition
Breeding and Reproduction Technologies
Animal Health Nutrition
Agribusiness and Agbio
​Mining and quarrying
Security Technologies
Natural Resources
​Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Renewable Energy
Recycling Technologies
Green Energy
Energy Management Technologies
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
Natural Resources
Security Technologies
Additive Manufacturing
​Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
​Transportation and storage
Transportation and Mobility
Light Weight Materials
Accommodation and food service activities
Security Technologies
​Information and communication
software development
IT hardware development
Internet StartUps
Financial and insurance activities
FinTech and InsureTech
​Real estate activities
Professional, scientific and technical activities
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
Human health and social work activities
Natural Resources
​Arts, entertainment and recreation
Natural Resources
​Other service activities (including membership organisation activities and personal services)
Service Delivery Innovation and Innovative Services
Activities of households as employers; undifferentiated goods-and-service-producing activities of households for own use
Security Technologies
Natural Resources
​Activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodies, not economically active people, unemployed people etc.
Natural Resources
Country / HQ
Required areas of assistance
Business Planning/Modelling
Market Research
Identification & Research of Foreign Markets
Buying and Selling
Tax services
Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Buying or selling a franchise
Economic and Site Development
Watershed Planning
Site Location Assistance
Lease Review
Events and Community Building
Startup Networking
Fairs and Festivals
Human Resources, Workforce and Talent
Workforce Training
Employee Development
Import and Export Assistance
Trade Education and Training
Locating Foreign Distributors
Certification and Licensing
Legal Services
Labour Relations
Intellectual Property Registration
Contract Review
Libraries and Research
Census Data
Business Research Resources
Marketing and Sales
Market Research
Mentoring and Coaching
Networking and Associations
Operations and Logistics
Health and Safety Training
Hazardous Waste Avoidance
Product Development
Prototype Development
Product Design and Development
Regulatory Support
Funding required