Overview of Business

TN African Retail and Investment is a female (youth)-led company that works in a variety of industries, including food, telecommunications, transportation, retail, and agriculture. The goal of the various features is to advance women's status in the workplace by giving them leadership roles and empowering them to make positive changes. There are a variety of projects in the aforementioned industries that have either scaled into profits or are still in the ideation phase. The company strongly encourages economic development by investing in and using its own resources to generate some of its end products and services. In order to grow and expand, the company makes use of a wide range of global resources and knowledge.

Stage of Business
Industries Served
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Plant and Health Nutrition
Natural Resources
Breeding and Reproduction Technologies
Animal Health Nutrition
Agribusiness and Agbio
Security Technologies
Natural Resources
Advanced Manufacturing
​Transportation and storage
Transportation and Mobility
Light Weight Materials
Accommodation and food service activities
Security Technologies
​Information and communication
Social Networking
Internet StartUps
​Real estate activities
Security Technologies
Natural Resources
​Arts, entertainment and recreation
Consumer Products
​Other service activities (including membership organisation activities and personal services)
Service Delivery Innovation and Innovative Services
Country / HQ
Required areas of assistance
Marketing and Sales
Mentoring and Coaching
Funding required
Seed funding