Overview of Organisation

The Technology Station in Rural Sustainable Development (TSRSD) is located at Upington in the Northern Cape. The Station is affiliated to the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Sebokeng's campus. It forms part of the VUT's Technology Transfer and Innovation Directorate. As such, it is supported by an Enterprise Development Unit; Iscor Innovation Centre; Engineering Manufacturing Centre (EMC) and Institute for Chemical and Biotechnology at the Sebokeng Campus.

TSRSD offers two types of consulting and training services. The first type focusses on product development and the improvement of product knowledge and skills. The second type concentrates on process improvement and the improvement of process knowledge and skills.

The aim is to create a sustainable Station, which can be used to broaden the applied research base of VUT, build research and innovation capacity, facilitate technology transfer skills to the Upington community – including commerce, industry, agriculture, rural/urban and informal community settlements.

Technology Competencies and Offerings; 


  • Business Support
  • Entrepreneurship support
  • Manage the execution of projects to fulfil identified needs, through the collaboration between TSMPT and TSRSD and other stakeholders.
  • Product Development (partnership with TSMPT)
  • Technology auditing and identifying the needs within
  • Upington and the surrounding districts
  • Technology facilitation agent and coach clients in the optimal use of developed resources and technology platforms
  • Transfer identified needs into executable and fundable projects and business plans


  • E-Skills training facility
  • Solar Energy Products (Manufacturing and Installation)
  • Artisan Training (Welding, Renewable Energy, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)
Assistance Areas Offered
Business Planning/Modelling
Human Resources, Workforce and Talent
Workforce Training
Product Development
Prototype Development
Product Assembly and Packaging
Specialization Sector/s
​Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Renewable Energy
Green Energy