Overview of Organisation

The Technology Station in Chemicals (TSC) offers a wide range of services designed to assist SMEs in the Chemical sector. The Station is located at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), GaRankuwa campus and is supported by the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Departments of TUT. TUT's experienced staff, consisting of scientists, technologists, technicians and external service providers, participate in product development of various projects.

Technology Competencies and Offerings:

  • Development of material safety data sheets (MSDS);
  • Formula development;
  • Hazards and operability studies;
  • Product analysis;
  • Product development; and 
  • Product evaluation and quality test


  • Basic Cosmetic Technology;
  • Batch adjustments, filling and flushing;
  • Detergent Technology;
  • Emulsion Technology;
  • Large Manufacturing;
  • Quality Management System (QMS); and
  • Safety Health and Environment
Assistance Areas Offered
Business Planning/Modelling
Product Development
Prototype Development
Product Design and Development
Product Assembly and Packaging
Specialization Sector/s