Technology Innovation Agency South Africa
Business plan development
Initial proof of concept
Prototype development
Seed fund

The TIA Seed Fund objective is to assist innovators at higher education institutions and Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) to advance their research outputs and ideas to develop prototypes, proof of concepts and business cases.

Type of funding that is available
Grant funding

How to apply

To apply for the seed funding, innovators should contact the TTOs at the relevant university, or their local regional development agency. The online application is not available for the seed fund.

Technology readiness level
TRL 7 – Refined prototype created

Project assessment criteria

TIA will assess the attractiveness and suitability of project opportunities in terms of (among others): i. the innovativeness of the technology and/or envisaged product/process/service; ii. the current stage of technology development (TRL); iii. the planned path of innovation; iv. the feasibility and viability of the technology being developed; v. the attractiveness of the product or service in the targeted market; vi. the viability of the business model; vii. the structure and processes required to commercialise; viii. the competence, capability and readiness of the team or entity to commercialise the opportunity

TIA has a three-stage application process; the submission of a Statement of Interest and basic assessment, full assessment, and approval.

Brochures, or other documents

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