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The Department of Research Science Technology and Innovation which is under the Ministry of ICT will be hosting the Research & Innovation Management Symposia under Strengthening Research & Innovation Management II (SRIM II) in SADC in June 2024.  The Country Symposia is an activity under the SRIM II programme envisioned to be a two-day hybrid (virtual and in-person) event that brings together key actors across the various national research and innovation (R&I) ecosystems to engage on key issues, challenges and opportunities within the respective national R&I ecosystems

The symposium seeks to create awareness on the role of research and innovation management in supporting and accelerating impactful multidisciplinary research endeavours while advocating for the establishment of dedicated research and innovation management system in national tertiary institutions. The theme of the conference is therefore “The role of Research and Innovation Management in Accelerating Inclusive Multidisciplinary Research and Promoting Research Impact.

Hosting the Research and Innovation Management Symposium in Eswatini will bring about a myriad of benefits, encompassing academic advancements, networking and collaboration opportunities, economic impact, knowledge transfer, capacity building, and the promotion of the country's research and innovation ecosystem.

  • The symposium has the potential to stimulate collaboration among researchers, promote research impact, and contribute to the country's overall development.
  • The symposium also presents an exciting opportunity for researchers and research and innovation professionals to come together and engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and gain insights into the latest trends and developments in research and innovation management.
  • It is a vital tool for creating awareness of research and innovation management, advocating for the establishment of dedicated research and management offices in tertiary institutions in the country and for capacity building of research and management professionals.
  • It is anticipated that the symposium will ultimately stimulate interest in the establishment of dedicated Research and Innovation Management Systems in the National Universities and Research Centres to provide support to the researchers, facilitate external collaboration, promote a multi-disciplinary approach to innovation and manage issues regarding research funding, financing through private sources, coordination of innovation and collaboration projects, research communication.

Registrations will close on 30 May 2024 for both in-person and virtual attendance. Click here to register.

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