Overview of Business

Stay Klean Services is a business founded in Johannesburg's Ekurhuleni district, with a branch in Cape Town set to debut in July 2022. We have been providing cleaning services and products to clients since our inception in 2018. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that cleaning services and products are in high demand, and we have been there before and will continue to be there for whatever current hygiene requires.

We provide 175ml aerosol can room fumigators, sanitizers, mops, towels, brooms, toilet paper, liquid/bar soaps, non-hazardous eco-friendly disinfection chemicals, and facility bin cleaning, window cleaning, drainage cleaning, pest-control, and herbicide control. The advantage of doing business with Stay Klean services is that our prices are reasonable, and we also hire the underprivileged, so you, the client, get to support the community by giving people a chance to survive and put food on their table.

Stage of Business
Industries Served
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
Human health and social work activities
Country / HQ
South Africa
Required areas of assistance
Marketing and Sales
Networking and Associations
Funding required
Venture Capital