Overview of Investor

Seed South Capital is an organization built for the times, today’s societal demands call for pragmatic solutions to address the widespread economic inequality. We cannot and should not admire the problem anymore.

We invest in early-stage companies, transforming these into B-BBEE compliant business enterprises, forging a new class of youthful entrepreneurs.

We take a hurried approach to patient investing. Solving inequality means building businesses, not simply buying and selling companies.

  • We support exceptional South African entrepreneurs who promote African indigeneity, culture, and innovation.
  • We are keen to engage with innovators and founders looking to expand the reach of their viable products into new markets.
  • As each startup and its context is different, we aim to attract founders where we can add the most suitable value.
  • We understand founders and innovators because not so long ago we were seeking investment for our own startups.
Type of investor
Venture Capital
Preferred investment stage
Post - Series A
Sector/s of Interest
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Agribusiness and Agbio
Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
​Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Electricty, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply
Clean Technologies
​Transportation and storage
​Information and communication
Financial and insurance activities
Human health and social work activities
Country/s of interest
South Africa