Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Overview of innovation

The Rotatable Fish Drying Frame is aimed at formalising a specific fish-drying process already used by different communities in Africa. The frame allows for the drying of up to 100 kg of fresh fish at a time using the existing iteration. The key principle is that after one week of drying the drum containing the fish may easily be rotated 180 in a rural or coastal setting without mechanical or electrical assistance. At this point the drying process may run (2 weeks) to completion after removing the drying bin and the frame itself, the latter of which can then be used for the next batch to be dried. The concept is best applied where there is an abundance of fish (whether primary or by-catch) but a lack of services and utilities. In an ideal
situation, this drying process would take place in a basic venue or processing area prior to the dried fish being packed and stored. The low water activity and other ingredients used would then also contribute to the shelf life of the product for local consumption or export to a large African market

Type of Intellectual Property protection
Design - Functional
Innovation Opportunity Type
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 9 – Being utilized by the end user