Overview of Organisation

The Product Development Technology Station (PDTS) is located on the campus of Central University of Technology (CUT) in Bloemfontein. The Technology Station develops new ideas into products, or improve existing products with detailed engineering and develop ideas from concept to prototype. In this way, PDTS assists SMMEs by providing them with technological support to design and manufacture innovative new products.

The station makes use of first-class engineering expertise from CUT as well as specialized prototyping equipment from the Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM) to support businesses and individuals through the entire 'new product development process'. The innovative technologies that PDTS makes use of are Computer Aided Designs (CAD), Finite Element Analysis, Additive Manufacturing and Reverse Engineering (3D Scanning). The PDTS services big corporations like Coca-Cola, Aurecon, SA Truck Bodies, Avbob through to SMEs and individuals with an idea that they would like to take further.

Technology Competencies and Offerings: 

  • Machine and Process Development;
  • Electronic Development;
  • Product Design and Development;
  • Reverse Engineering;
  • Tool Development and Limited Run Tooling;
  • CNC Machining;
  • 3D Scanning;
  • 3D Printing; and 
  • Brand Development
Assistance Areas Offered
Product Development
Prototype Development
Product Design and Development
Product Assembly and Packaging
Specialization Sector/s