Overview of Investor

Namibia Savings & Investment Association (NaSIA) represents the majority of the country's Asset Managers, Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) management companies, Linked Investment Service Providers (LISPs) and life insurance companies.

NaSIA was formed in 2017 by members of the Association for Unit Trusts in Namibia (AUTN), the Investment Managers Association of Namibia (IMAN) and the Life Assurers Association of Namibia (LAAN). These associations disbanded and their assets and activities were transferred to NaSIA.

NaSIA's members are considered the custodian of the bulk of the nation's savings and investments (i.e. the non-banking sector) and are among the country's biggest contributors to the national GDP.

NaSIA enables the non-banking sector to speak with one voice and represents the unified goal of ensuring that the Namibian savings and investment industry remains relevant and sustainable into the future in the interest of not only of NaSIA and its members, but also the country and its citizens.

NaSIA is incorporated as a not-for profit company and is empowered by a mandate from an industry that is considered a formidable partner around Government’s negotiation table where we proactively engage on policy, regulatory and issues of common concern.

Sector/s of Interest
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
​Mining and quarrying
​Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Country/s of interest