University of South Africa
Overview of innovation

The technology involves a method and an apparatus for treating a fluid, using nanoscience. Impurities in the fluid are trapped by nanoparticles. The fluid is contained in a reactor that includes a moving magnetic system. When the reactor is in use, the moving magnetic system excites the charged nanoparticles carrying the impurities, thus mobilizing both the particles and the impurities. This reduces the energy requirement, as only the particles of interest are mobilized in the system.  Since the system contains no moving parts, maintenance costs are greatly reduced. The system can be tailored for specific applications. The purpose of this project is to build a next-generation prototype that utilizes a moving electromagnet to move charged nanoparticles in a fluid. As demonstrated in laboratory systems, the system works well to remove specific impurities in water, and there is a need to scale this up. 

Type of Intellectual Property protection
Innovation Opportunity Type
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
Waste collection, treatment and disposal activitites; materials recovery
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 6 – Prototype tested in real-world settings