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Overview of innovation

Whartels™ is a maths board game designed for pre-primary and primary school learners and is aimed at improving children's maths achievement by focusing on cognitive aspects (maths concepts, metacognition and information processing) and neuropsychological facets (executive functioning, self-regulation, maths anxiety, maths resilience, motivation, etc.).

By using the newest technology Whartels™ aims to facilitate self-directed learning by changing the learners’ mathematical mindset or thinking. It includes principles used in play therapy (art, biblio-therapy, board games and puppets) to optimise learning and understanding, including both linear concepts and thematic methods to improve maths skills. Children learn by playing, and these fun experiences and memories change a brain's physical structure.

Maths achievement at school is one of the best predictors of success at tertiary level. Poor maths achievement at primary school level is a global problem. Maths is a powerful gatekeeper and the door to coursework (qualifications) in science, medicine, technology, and engineering. Research has indicated that by American middle school two-thirds of learners will fall behind grade level in their maths classes. In South Africa, 77% of learners take maths literacy, which does not give entry to any course in engineering, technology, or science at post-matric level.

Whartels™ restores learner confidence and assists learners to excel in mathematics.

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TRL 8 – Ready for market
NWU - Dr Petro Erasmus and Mindmuzic media
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