Overview of Innovator

Katorus T Electricity Specialist CC is a technology company with innovative  Energy and Information Communication Technology departments. 

Energy Department includes;

  1. The innovation of electric vehicles self-charging Dynamo devices that are installed in EV wheel to allow the EV to self-charge itself while in motion or driven and IIt makes all electric vehicles and other devices to self charge while in motion or moving and operated.
  2. The innovation of electric generation power stations that use electric motors to produce 3,600 rpm speed that is connected to a generator to spin and drive the generator to generate 1900 MW that is zero emission for 4,5 million users and communities. The electric motor is powered by a solar plant, wind turbine plant and battery plant that gives input power to produce an output power of 1900 MW.

ICT Department includes;

  1. Innovation of electronic voting machines that allow voters to vote electronically.
  2. Innovation of WebSocket API tracing system that enforces compliance with section 37C of the Pension Fund Act. It alerts trustees immediately when their members' death certificate is being issued at the Department of Home Affairs so that trustees can start tracing for dependents, spouses and beneficiaries in the allowed 12 months tracing period and avoid funds being enlisted as unclaimed funds. 
Specialization Sector/s
​Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Green Energy
​Information and communication
software development
​Other service activities (including membership organisation activities and personal services)
Service Delivery Innovation and Innovative Services
Country / HQ
South Africa