Overview of Organisation

The Institutes of Advanced Tooling (IAT) –  Stellenbosch University (SU) vision is to work towards a national effort to build the innovation capacity of the South African tooling industry. The IAT works with companies aiming to improve their competitive position towards domestic and international competitors change tooling manufacture from a resource-driven to a knowledge-driven process by offering a well-balanced combination of technology enablers for all steps of the extended life cycle to small-medium enterprises (SME’s) in the tooling sector.

The IAT aims to create a foundation for a new mould making business concept based on technology innovation which, concerning the particularities and the typical dimension of the South African SME’s, pushes the sector towards a new position as high added value engineering service providers. The IAT further stimulates the shift of the tooling industry, which is traditionally less R&D intensive, to a high added value sector.

Technology Competencies and Offerings:

  • 3D Digitizing and Reverse Engineering;
  • Additive Manufacturing;
  • Aluminium Components Forming Assemble;
  • Conformal Cooling Design and Realisation;
  • Five Axis High Performance Machining; 
  • Sheet Metal Simulation; and 
  • Quality Control
Assistance Areas Offered
Product Development
Prototype Development
Product Design and Development
Product Assembly and Packaging
Specialization Sector/s
Advanced Manufacturing
Additive Manufacturing
Country/s of interest
South Africa