Overview of Organisation

InnoVenton: Institute for Chemical Technology is a formally registered Research Institute at the Nelson Mandela University (NMU), whose principle research focus is in Product and Process Development. The Institute strives to be self-sustaining through income generated from services to industry, income from technology transfer projects and royalties from patents.

The institute incorporates the Downstream Chemicals Technology Station, a government-funded initiative to make available high-level research, technological services and training, to technology-based Small and Medium Enterprises, and South African Industry as a whole. The institute incorporates amongst its research facilities a pilot plant for R&D and teaching, the Fuel Chemicals Testing Platform, a Small Production Platform laboratory, and a microalgae production platform. Through the Downstream Chemicals Technology Station (incorporated in the institute) it provides technical support services and training to technology-based Small and Medium Enterprises and bigger enterprises in the chemical industry sector.

Technology Competencies and Offerings

  • Micro algae technologies
  • Micro algae to coal fines recovery and
  • agglomeration
  • Direct liquefaction of microalgae to bio-crude oil
  • General chemical process development/evaluation
  • New product development

The three principle service areas are:

  • Chemical Analytical Services
  • Chemical Process 
  • Training - 
Assistance Areas Offered
Business Planning/Modelling
Product Development
Prototype Development
Product Design and Development
Specialization Sector/s
​Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply