Overview of Innovator

Hydrox Holdings is a micro research and development enterprise that is privately funded to develop unique Divergent-Electrode-Flow-Through (DEFT) technology with the goal to unlock inexpensive hydrogen production from renewable energy sources operating off a reliable simplistic principle. This is achieved by employing a system made up of fewer components with lower capital and operating costs with enormous potential. We have a clear passion and drive toward developing cost-effective methods to produce hydrogen. Current water electrolysis technologies remain noncompetitive in contrast to methods of deriving hydrogen from fossil fuel sources. Hydrox Holdings Ltd. aims to offer a simplistic and sustainable approach to alkaline water electrolysis by developing a technology that is cost-effective in contrast to existing water electrolysis technologies making hydrogen accessible to all.

Specialization Sector/s
​Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Country / HQ
South Africa