Overview of Business

Gajo’s Contracting & Consulting Services is delighted to present our company which specializes in various contracting services such as Supply Chain, Civil and Building Construction, and Maintenance. We understand the importance of meeting your needs to achieve your objectives and we are dedicated to completing any project we are given on time and according to your specifications.

Our Aim:

Our main objective is to trade in joint ventures with the youth as partners to work together to empower more technical skills and promote women and youth empowerment in South Africa. We prioritize working with the government to address issues such as unemployment, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and other common issues. We also aim to involve more disabled people, women, and youth of South Africa to create a positive economic impact in the country. Our target markets include all companies, departments, and entities that require services such as ours. We are also a supply contractor.

Gajo's Contracting & Consulting Services was established in 2015 to provide specialized consulting and contracting services to empower technical skills in South Africa's existing and upcoming generations. In return, the company seeks to gain impeccable expertise.


Gajo's Contracting & Consulting Services is a company that has owners and future staff with firsthand knowledge and experience in their respective fields, ensuring that the company excels in its domain. The director, Mr. Thamsanqa Thabani Ntanzi, has extensive knowledge and experience in contracting, supplying, and construction, along with consulting. After graduating from Mangosuthu University of Technology, he has worked on various projects in civil infrastructure and construction building, such as sewer line pipe of uMlazi Extension-17 Million; Mgigimbe Reservoir and pipeline 10 Million; Driefontein Reservoir and pipeline 14 Million; King Edward Hospital upgrades, repairs, and renovations 42 Million; Osindisweni Hospital upgrades and renovation of Doctors and Returning walls 2.5 Million; Ebusingatha Primary School storm damage and renovation 2.2 Million; and Maponjwana Primary School storm damage and renovation. He is dedicated, committed, and possesses various experience in project management and daily task operations, with both softer and harder skills.

Stage of Business
Industries Served
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Security Technologies
Post-Harvest Technologies
Plant and Health Nutrition
Natural Resources
Breeding and Reproduction Technologies
Animal Health Nutrition
Agribusiness and Agbio
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
Natural Resources
Security Technologies
Additive Manufacturing
​Transportation and storage
Transportation and Mobility
Light Weight Materials
Accommodation and food service activities
Security Technologies
Country / HQ
South Africa
Funding required
Government funding
Venture Capital
Seed funding