Overview of Business

Industry 4.0 is all we are talking about, while the world is doing industry 4.0, Africa is still thinking about it.

Companies are always looking for ways to improve their Key Performance Indicators. We saw a gap in the market to use IoT as a vehicle to digitalization.

We provide productivity solutions using IoT (internet of things), our solutions also include Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Big Data Analytics. We offer the full IoT ecosystem to revitalise the manufacturing sector.

Most manufacturing companies collect data but they are not using it. We use smart sensors to mine data on their machines and use that data to tell them how inefficient they are. We use that same data to help improve their processes to become efficient and faster. This helps them become more competitive and save money. They gain more business and create more jobs. These SMMES are the backbone to the economy and job creation.

What makes us different from our competitors is our business model. We offer these services at a subscription cost model. And this appeals to SMMES more because they can’t afford to invest in the technology but can afford a subscription. We carry the investment cost and the more companies I have on my platform the more profitable the business model is.

The markets I am penetrating are manufacturing, healthcare, waste retail and warehousing. The IOT market is still in its grassroots. We have 2 clients and we have chosen to start with the manufacturing sector because they are the easiest to penetrate. We are turning ordinary factories into smart factories.

Stage of Business
Industries Served
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Plant and Health Nutrition
Animal Health Nutrition
​Information and communication
software development
Internet StartUps
Electronic/Software Integration
Cloud Computing
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
Big Data
Professional, scientific and technical activities
Business Method/Process Innovation
Human health and social work activities
​Arts, entertainment and recreation
Country / HQ
South Africa
Funding required