Overview of Investor

Eos Capital is a Namibian private equity fund manager that is managing two funds and raising funds for one;

  1. Allegrow Fund - growth and operational development fund with a Namibia-only mandate. It will invest in Namibian companies which have the potential to grow rapidly and will provide them with the capital and management support needed to unlock their full potential.
  2. Namibia Infrastructure Investment and Development Fund - a Namibia-only infrastructure fund with a mission to invest into and develop infrastructure assets, which form a portfolio that provides robust, low volatility and income yield over the long term, focusing on the following sectors:
  • Logistics
  • Energy
  • ITC
  • Water & sanitation
  • Commercial & social
  1. Euphrates Agri Fund (raising funds) - The first Namibian Agriculture private equity fund
Type of investor
Private Equity
Sector/s of Interest
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
​Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities
​Transportation and storage
​Information and communication
Country/s of interest
Operational status
Raising and allocating funds