Overview of Organisation

eNtsa is recognised as a prominent research, design and technology support unit for the advanced manufacturing sector in South Africa, based in Port Elizabeth at the Nelson Mandela University (NMU).

eNtsa's main focus is to support and stimulate engineering innovation in order to improve the competitiveness of local manufacturers which will enable industry exploit and development of new markets. Growing the manufacturing economy in South Africa holds the key to sustainable job creation and improved quality of life. This forms the drive of eNtsa to provide innovative research and advanced technical training for support to the local manufacturing industry according to international best practices.

Technology Competencies and Offerings

  • Development and Design
  • Material and Mechanical
  • Product Engineering Process Control and Automation
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Development - eNtsa provides support for enterprises in the first, second and emerging economy  (SMEs) within the engineering and manufacturing sector, with a specific focus on the automotive components component sector with the aim of making the South African automotive industry more globally attractive.
Assistance Areas Offered
Business Planning/Modelling
Product Development
Prototype Development
Product Design and Development
Product Assembly and Packaging
Specialization Sector/s
Mechanical Devices