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In 2016, I (Iviwe Mosana) watched my younger brother deal with the loss of two of his close friends(minors) after they had illegally taken possession of one of their parent's vehicles and ended up in a tragic accident. A few years later, in 2022, the same co-founder was involved in an attempted hijacking. The aforementioned instances alerted the co-founders of the inadequacies within the control environment regarding vehicle security. Control does not only allude to the consumption of benefits which flow from the purchase of a vehicle but includes the ability to hinder the vehicle from moving should an unauthorised person try to use the vehicle. Eagle Eye Defence was incorporated to bring this aspect into the control environment of assets, mainly vehicles. We have developed a system that operates as a multi-face authenticator and restricts all vehicle movements until successful authentication. It also allows for the vehicles to be remotely stopped should the person utilising the vehicle be in contravention of the company policy or should they merely be misusing the vehicle.

Current systems rely heavily on the presence of the correct key as a measure and recent times have shown that a vehicle key has become more accessible. Tags face the problem of interchangeability. Cellphone-based systems require the presence of your cellphone at all times and require that your cellphone is always on. Our system addresses these inefficiencies with the use of biometrics. A fully operational system has been developed and the relevant internal testing has been done. We are running further tests while concurrently engaging extensively with the compliance and regulatory boards for the necessary approvals. We have been backed by E-Squared through Pathways funding, however, the capital-intensive nature of hard tech remains a constraint.

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