Overview of Investor

Acorn provides a platform for high-net-worth individuals, institutions and funding partners to participate directly in private equity, which is currently done through an investment holding company, Acorn Agri & Food. Prior to Acorn Agri & Food, the Acorn General Fund One was a limited liability partnership that might be replicated in future investment vehicles.

Entrepreneurs who are considering reaching out to can read the below for an understanding of the aspects we pay close attention to when considering investments.

Qualitative Considerations

  • Competent and honest management teams with equity ownership
  • Understandable business model
  • Robust financial health
  • Clear competitive advantage
  • Solid growth prospects
  • Ability to create jobs
  • Ability to positively impact the communities and environment in which they operate
  • Scalable



Type of investor
Venture Capital
Sector/s of Interest
Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Country/s of interest
South Africa
Impact investment areas
Rural focused