Reducing the carbon footprint with CO2 conversion technology.

EPCM Global is a management consulting services firm for public and private sector clients that focuses on researching, identifying, and developing innovative solutions to address major challenges. It is working to reduce carbon emissions from industries in ways that empower and build the sectors. They provide specialist solutions and insights in a number of sectors including Innovation Enablement through Multi-Pollutant Emissions Abatement Technology.

In partnership with the Department of Science and Innovation, EPCM’s CoalCO2-X Programme aims to capture flue gas from coal-fired boilers and use Green Ammonia and Green Hydrogen to turn the flue gas elements into sulphuric acid, fertiliser and other value-added products. Flue refers to a mixture of gases produced by the burning of fuel or other materials. This technology converts those harmful carbon CO2 emissions into valuable products.

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EPCM Global focuses on understanding the big challenge, developing innovative technology solutions, and reorganising resources and networks to deliver the outcome.

  • Consulting projects
  • Project management
  • Staffing placement


CO2 emissions are a major contributor to global warming, by converting them into something useful, we not only create new industries in our country, but we reduce our contribution to the growing global crisis. Through this programme, South Africa can become a significant player in the hydrogen and clean energy economy, which is growing in leaps and bounds.

Industry Sectors

EPCM Global welcomes engagement with carbon heavy industries which include:

  • Combustion Installations
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Gaseous and liquid fuels industry
  • Petrochemicals from crude oil, coal, gas or biomass
  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Mineral Processing
  • Storage and Handling
  • Disposal of hazardous and general waste
  • Pulp and Paper Manufacturing including By-Products Recovery

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  • CoalCO₂-X™ – Conversion of CO₂ from South African coal-fired power plants using green ammonia and hydrogen
  • Abatement solution for coal-fired powerpollution
  • DSI launches initiatives to accelerate the development of South Africa's circular economy
  • Durban scientist leads research into generating value from waste