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Available technologiesDevelopment of an Electrocoagulation Test Plant for the removal of Total Suspended Solids, Heavy Metals, Emulsified Oils, Bacteria, and other contaminants from waste water. Eugenez05 hours 56 min ago
Available technologiesAutonomous Photovoltaic Cleaning system using Variable-Time Cleaning (VTC) with Dust and Dirt Detection technology (DDD Technology). Eugenez06 hours 22 min ago
Available technologiesSignSupport: A mobile app for the Deaf Community UWC107 hours 13 min ago
Available technologiesUniQTyper® Forensic DNA Kit UWC107 hours 18 min ago
Available technologiesA Natural Biofertiliser from Kraalbos Extract UWC107 hours 25 min ago
Available technologiesMiner Safety System WITS107 hours 30 min ago
Available technologiesBaobab LIMS: An African Led Open Source Innovation for Biobanking UWC107 hours 37 min ago
Available technologiesMIIA Mark Johnson07 hours 43 min ago
Available technologiesPowerline Inspection Robot UKZN107 hours 47 min ago
Available technologiesTape Library Mark Johnson07 hours 53 min ago
Available technologiesA novel biopesticide for the control of economic pest of fruit tree crops Rhodes108 hours 1 min ago
Available technologiesReact Automation Studio Mark Johnson09 hours 6 min ago
Basic pagePrivacy Notice Marge09 hours 16 min ago
Basic pageConditions of use of the IBP Marge09 hours 19 min ago
Available technologiesLocal HIV/AIDS drugs - continuous flow reactor technology Preston09 hours 24 min ago
Available technologiesTelemetric Cricket Bat Rhodes109 hours 26 min ago
Available technologiesAnimal feed xylanase enzyme additive Rhodes109 hours 28 min ago
Available technologiesKaziHealth Preston09 hours 30 min ago
Available technologiesNcediso™ Preston09 hours 33 min ago
Available technologiesOlive Waste Preston09 hours 39 min ago
Available technologiesHigh Yield Wind Turbine Preston09 hours 45 min ago
Available technologiesBoron Nanotubes UKZN109 hours 49 min ago
Available technologiesClosure Yulandi09 hours 57 min ago
Available technologiesMintek’s Point-of-Care Rapid Diagnostics Tests (RDT) for Human and Animal Diseases Yulandi010 hours 5 min ago
Available technologies3D Printed Prosthetic Hand WITS1010 hours 10 min ago
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