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The Aerostat is an unmanned, aerodynamically shaped vehicle that uses mainly buoyant forces to maintain an elevated position, and uses active control for stabilisation. The Aerostat is made from a large fabric envelope filled with helium gas. It is fixed to the ground using a tether and is...

This is used to eliminate control reversal, particularly of aircraft ailerons.

This is a method to generate real-time high-resolution imagery of a 360° scene. The data from multiple high-resolution digital cameras are stitched into a single live panoramic/hemispherical image. It is possible to zoom in on areas of the image to view more detail.

This technology relates to an armour protection package developed to protect a platform (vehicle or the like) from an incoming Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP).

This is used for real-time detection of explosive threats. It is an effective detection technology that will speed up the detection process, maximise reliability, minimise false alarms, and improve accuracy to discriminate threats from other objects and debris. The multi-sensors will require...

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Fingerprint Sensor: Laser Identity Verification

What would happen if you don’t have fingerprints? Burns, ageing, solvents and a number of other conditions could remove your obvious external fingerprint. Our technology allows a sub-dermal scan of the...

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