The development of a proprietary irrigation pivot with a walkabout action, to increase surface reach with a single pivot. 

Development Impact

Reducing the capital cost of irrigation farming and manufacturing prospects for the region. This is important for emerging...

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The potential of agro-processing in Lesotho, especially using sorghum, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds to produce sorghum muesli and sorghum baked products is not fully exploited. Super-foods, trading as Bohlokoa is one of the first movers in an emerging market and therefore encourages participation...

The Poultry Farmers Management System Platform  (SaveTheChicken App) combines AI, big data and big data analytics into predictive models that function in real-time by facilitating accurate, rapid detection and diagnosis of poultry diseases. The App accessed via a smartphone allows responses to...

Marula fruit beer, as commonly known in African communities, is currently produced by mostly women as an enterprise during the fruiting season. The fruit is highly nutritious and has good health properties. These attributes are potentially transferred into the marula beer.  The University of...

Technovera has developed Pelebox, a smart locker system that enables patients to collect their repeat chronic medication in under 22 seconds instead of waiting hours on queues at public clinics. We are leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) through internet-enabled smart locker...

Konvi is an on-demand going-out marketplace mobile app that can be used as a compass to good vibes. It provides going-out support services and solutions for both consumers and businesses in the social lifestyle entertainment industry.

It provides solutions for two groups namely: ...

Part Detection App (PDA)

The part detection app is a mobile application which provides real-time identification of physical objects, in this case, mechanical parts belonging to a Plough. The ability to identify any part of the Plough allows the user to identify and instantly place an...

Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is an aquatic weed which has one of the highest growth rates of all plants in the world. This fast-growing plant causes numerous problems in water bodies.  These problems are related to navigation, recreation, irrigation and hydropower generation. The...

The product is a locally produced, cost-effective plant health diagnostic tool. A collection of plant virus antisera is maintained at the Virology unit of ARC-Plant Health and Protection (ARC-PHP). The antisera were manufactured from plant viruses obtained from various crops in South Africa,...

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