Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

Many regions of the world continue to suffer untold horrors as a result of armed conflict or other forms of violence that occur within societies and at the domestic level. Advances in promoting the rule of law and access to justice are uneven. However, progress is being made in regulations to promote public access to information, albeit slowly, and in strengthening institutions upholding human rights at the national level.

Available technologies

Available technologies
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

This is used for real-time detection of explosive threats. It is an effective detection technology that will speed up the detection process, maximise reliability, minimise false alarms, and...

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

This technology relates to an armour protection package developed to protect a platform (vehicle or the like) from an incoming Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP).

911 Rapid Response

Tourists are important to our economy and should be able to explore our country in a carefree manner. Unfortunately, things do go wrong. This mobile application is aimed at providing tourists with...


Contactable: The Latest in Digital Identity Management This nifty application creates legal digital identity in under 30 seconds using only a mobile device. This identity is secured, authenticated...

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Biometrics - using the ear, iris and fingerprint for the automatic recognition of children's identities from birth until adulthood

This technology is an innovation of both hardware and...

University of the Western Cape

South Africa harbours the highest number of rape incidents in the world, and sexual assault and rape cases in the entire SADC region are estimated at a minimum of 55 000 cases per year. Crime...

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